Friday, May 7, 2010

I couldn't upload the video with the post, sorry!! Here it is:o)

Updates on Baby Girl Smith

Yup, that's right! Those of you who guessed it was a girl were correct:o)

Sorry for the delay in writing- I am sure most of you already know the gender of the baby through word of mouth! I will be more diligent in the coming months to write; primarily, I already have three things I would like to write about, so there is really no excuse!! LOL.

So, on March 6, after two weeks of Brian and I pleading- I mean, talking- to the baby, she chose to reveal herself. But, before I share the story of the finding out, let me just share that we resorted to encouraging her with Bible scripture. Not just "God says obey mommy and daddy," but specific scripture!! One evening, Brian spontaneously leaned over and said, "Colossians 3:20 says 'Children obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.' So make sure you obey God's word and let us know what you are!!" I laughed quite hardily!

Needless to say, she did obey. In fact, that was pretty much ALL she did. Yup, she laid there with her legs WIDE open. As the technician scrolled around and tried to make her move and do something else, there were at least 4 times (which are seen on our 10 minute video) that the tech stopped the pointer and shows us her girl parts. I had spend a few days looking up 2D sonograms of boys and girls and knew right away that it was a girl. Poor Brian said to himself, "Oh! Its a boy!" Just as the tech said at the same time, "Its a girl!" she wouldn't really do much else, outside of what you can see in the video I've attached, and since I REAALLLYY has to pee (thanks to one 16 oz iced coffee, 1 12 oz orange juice over ice, and a 24 oz bottle of water!), and we got what we went there for, we ended the session.

So, we are rejoicing over a little girl, who will be here in about 11 weeks:o) We are getting her room ready....God-willing, my next post will be of the finished room with pics. It is cocoa and pink with a lady bug and butterfly theme. we have had one shower already, and now, between new clothes and hand-me-downs, our unborn daughter has more clothes than her mama!

Now for baby and mom updates. Baby G.S. is growing just fine...she is VERY active, and moves around a lot. We think she is already displaying "fear of man" or shyness, depending on how you look at it or possibly just a very independent nature. While she will play a little game with mama, kicking in response to pressing (mainly at bedtime), and sometimes humor us by trying to kick daddy's hand, overall, she likes to play by herself. As soon as I or anyone puts their hand on my belly she freezes!! She even tries to hide from the midwife's dopplar, which is getting to be amusing, as she is running out of room in there. Just yesterday, she flipped over and presented her back to us (it reminded me of the perspective kids have when they hide, "if I can't "see" you, you can't see me!!"). she loves to make herself known though, and will give a good kick if I am quiet for too long. I think she likes music too (or is just displaying her displeasure at my tone-deaf singing voice!!). During worship, the previous Sunday at church, I was drumming along to the music on my belly to the music, and all of sudden, felt a swift "whoomp" on my hand. I suppose for her, it felt like the world caving in, like an earthquake!! LOL. But the reason I suspect she likes music is how much more active she is when there is music on, especially is I am sitting at the laptop playing music.

Well, I think I have given you a lot to read, so I will say "goodbye," for now. By the way, I did not omit her name accidentally...and we do have one, however, we are choosing not to share with the world til her birth. We actually had it picked out the day of/after we found out we were expecting. We are looking forward to you all getting to meet our little peanut:o)