Friday, December 31, 2010

5 months, Christmas, new foods, playdates, etc.

The Smiths:o)

Gracie in one of her Christmas outfits (courtesy of Aunt Kathy!!). Yes, she had more than one- a velvet dress that she blew out of within 1 hour (so no pics, but she will be wearing it for Valentine's day too!), and some cute fuzzy jammies.

Gracie had a great 1st Christmas...already likes to get presents. Well, mostly likes the wrapping- eating it;o)

She did get pretty excited when we would give her something though....

Here are some pics from Christmas:o)

We've also been able to spend some time with people in our family that we don't often see, and Grace finally got to meet auntie Michele!! (here are just a few of the pics taken!!)

Grace has been progressing through lots of fruits and veggies; her lists includes (but not limited to): avocado, parsnips, butternut and acorn squashes, and whipped cream. Her favorites vary on any given day. She seems to prefer two foods consecutively. Gracie also seems to prefer chunkier foods, rather than pureed, or trying it herself. Also, as you can see by the one picture, Grace is VERY adept at letting us know when she is no longer interested in eating- sometimes she even blows raspberries of disgust.

"Playdates" with friends and cousins (except we are missing Lukey M, because I couldn't find the ol' camera)........

Cousin Elizabeth (who was about 1 1/2 months at the time), in matching outfits, at the family Christmas party:

Best friend, Aletheia, hanging out during Naptime storytime:

And with Noah....who is 3 1/2 months older.....he liked showing Grace "the ropes."

Random Cuteness (mixed with some of Grace's favorite past-times!!)

New talent: eating her toes!!

This is Gracie's FAVORITE somewhat resembles a dog chew toy (right down to the sqeak!), but she plays with it more than any other toy- its great for her teething mouth!

Grace was asleep right before I took this...she woke because I had to stop the swing to get a clear pic- note her little folded hands:o) So sweet!

Well, Thanks for visiting our blog!!
P.S. Grace turned 5 months on Dec 23rd:o)

Monday, December 6, 2010

1st Baby Food!!

On Friday, we started Grace on baby cereal....she was a pro at eating it and totally loved it- she kept making happy noises:o)

All ready...Gracie with her spoon and the cereal out to prep!
1st bite.......

"what is this stuff??"

I think she likes it!