Monday, February 28, 2011


Grace loves tags; not sure why.  she loves to look at them, twirl them in her fingers, and to chew on them. She finds them wherever she is, even under her butt on her carseat!

 Here are some pics of Gracie in her favorite past time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

from our little monkey lovebug!

Yay Valentine's Day!

 We got Gracie a Valentine's Monkey, because she seems to love them (or at least their "sound")!!!

 with her best friend....they were fighting over the monkey, so I made them put it in the middle:o)

Playing with Aletheia- she like to pull her hair, but Lethi does not seem to mind!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big girl and funnies

Gracie is a big girl who can sit up all by herself now and for quite a while. She is most adept at balancing when she has some toys to play with, but does well otherwise. Gracie also surprises us more and more each day with her emerging personality! She is persistent, humorous and joyful, strong-willed and opinionated already!!

For example:

When she sits up, she will throw a toy almost out of reach, and then leans over and try to grab it without toppling. When she gets it, she chews on it for a few minutes, then throws it again. Gracie also does this in the tun with her ducky (except in there, she will also splash her feet in irritation is she can't reach, but surprisingly, it will usually help waves carry the duck back to her!)

She is also very cute and silly:

Grace is a loves to laugh! She thinks many things are hysterical, including us pretending to hiccup or sneeze (although real and LOUD sneezes tend to scare her), animal sounds, and other babies. Often, when we laugh, she will stare very seriously at us, and then erupt into her own bout of laughter! I have a couple videos that I will try to upload tomorrow, as they tend to not be very cooperative (check us out on facebook, if I can't get them up- comment or email and I will try to send you the external link for those of you who are non-facebookers.

Finally, some other fun (or challenging- I think they can be one in the same) aspects of Grace....She loves blow raspberries, whether in joy or complaint. Dinner is especially funny AND annoying at the same time (funny, because she exaggeratedly sticks her tongue out and then blows hard; annoying, because I either can not get the food in her mouth or she blows it ALL over). Screaming has also been a new way to communicate- both in joy or sorrow. Seems like since her mouth won't form words, she practices screaming in varying pitches and tones.

Gracie bundled up (just today!), since our heat and electric were out due to the storm...watching a dvd so mommy could pack stuff to crash our friend's house for the day.

Anyway, just thought you would enjoy the update on Gracie's growing:O)

p.s. we are done with 3-6 month clothes and found out (too late unfortuantely), that between her rapidly elongating legs and already long torso that certain types of overalls and dresses in size 6-9 no longer fit her- they are 2 short! We are still scratching our heads on that one!