Monday, June 3, 2013

Don't get excited...this isn't the world's greatest post!

So, we've been busy.....

Grace is sort of potty training, so I thought I would make a potty chart for her...she wanted disney princesses, but I didn't like the ones I could find.  I found some great clip art at  (Thanks for the free clip-art!!)

I thought I would share the chart, but also ask for your prayers...I can't make heads or tails of whether this is going to happen or not-- many days she will poop regularly on the potty, but often not pee. And, I think for a while she was afraid of peeing in underpants, but today she requested them (and had two accidents).  She really wants to be a big girl like her friend Aletheia (who visited and stayed with us this past week) and Eve and Anna.  AND, she really wants to go into the balls at Ikea next week when we visit, and while she meets the height requirements, you also have to be potty trained. it looks like I can't upload a pdf or a word document...or at least I don't know how to.  So, if you are interested (or know how to and want to help!!), message me in the comments!!

here's a recent pic of grace for you....
She looks so sweet and yet very nerdy here...LOL!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christmas 2012

We celebrated Christmas at home this year, and enjoyed having our good friends, the Valentines over.  I didn't get a picture, but the turkey almost broke our stove at 32 lbs;oP
Christmas morning

Christmas stocking
Opening her "Myrrh" gift- Zoe's Dance moves

 Loving her 2nd Myrrhh gift: a comforter Mama made her from a clearanced Target Full Size set.

Daddy opening his Myrrh gift- a pack of wipes! J/K!
Surprised! homemade Raspberry Jalapeno jam

Daddy's "Gold" gift- Taste of Home subscription
Grace's "Gold" gift- Little People Farm (scored for $8 at a consignment sale!!)

Christmas Dinner!  So fun:o)

Silly Faces
So serious

A. Valentine....soooo cute!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Found this on facebook...I miss my baby....she is growing up faster than I am ready for!!

">Crazy Grace Crawl

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas preparations

we already had Christmas with my family last weekend. I wish I would have gotten more pics, but I've attached what ones I did.
while we were there, we visited candy cane lane...Grace was amazed by all the lights. she is loving Christmas calls right now- especially silent night and away in a manger.
Graces little cousin, Elizabeth was a little leery of get after the last time they saw each other and Grace kept pushing her (at Grace's 2nd birthday party), so they didn't play much.  However, Grace had a lot of fun with her other cousin, Cadence, who is also 3 months younger. they played catch and colored.

I've also attached a picture of or Giuditta that we made for a mostly homemade Christmas

As i type, we are on our way to Brian's family.

more on Christmas, AFTER :-)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Knoebels Grove

Sept 8, We met up with nana and pappy for employee appreciation day at Knoebels Grove.  I was not sure how Grace would do, because she would be missing her nap and it would be the first time she could really go on rides (and by herself!!)  She really enjoyed it, except for taking a "plane ride" with Pappy....that she kind of freaked out for.  I think her favorite was the carousel and riding on the horses. 

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!!



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Snow of the Season!

I'm pretty sure this was the best snowfall I've ever experienced! I love having a little one to remind me of the joy of such things :-)

Grace graduated from her toddler sled...which was too boring and used one that I received for my 25th birthday...she totally rocked "scootching" to make herself go down the hill!

We also built a snowman that she enjoyed torturing by eating its nose. Haha.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday Post (um..a bit belated)

This is so long overdue.  But here are some picture recaps of Grace's birthday.  We (um, me, mostly) like birthdays, and we, as a family have pretty much been doing little mini celebrations over a week or two).   Below, we have Brian's family's celebration from July 15th, her actual birthday where we took her and her good friend, Luke (you might remember him from here) to Zoo America in Hershey, and then her birthday party with my family in Williamsport.  I also enclosed a pic with her and my dad, "Grumps," whom we saw saw after the party. Enjoy!! (P.s. I have at least two more posts coming with lots more pics, including our vacation to Assetegue Island). I also have a letter I started, with updates...not posting yet (very sad, btw...too many people telling me she is such a big girl!!!)

with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Fred, and opening a card at the Maddy's house (blogger wouldn't let me separate the pics)

A cupcake!!!!

so excited...look at her tongue sticking out!! LOL.

birthday princess, the day before, ready to go to church

Proof (sort of) that he talks. A LOT. He sang the whole way to Hershey Zoo!!
Luke and Grace holding hands;OP

with Daddy

Looking at a Alligators with Mr. Brian
Petting a lizard.

Best part of the trip.....the bear zone , with a fish area
They stood here, laughing and watching for sooo long!!!

Master candle blower!!!
another cupcake!! YAY!!
the cute super hero at the Maddy party
the Maddy birthday crew...such a blessing to spend time with friends and celebrate with them!!

re-meeting cousin Elizabeth for the first time since they were about 6 months old (caught on camera Grace pushing her...a common theme at the birthday party.....:o/)
doing better now that she has food...

pic 1 of getting money for excited, sadly
tired out at the end of a fun party
Great Grammy and Pappy
pic for Birthday, how fun!!
Grumps....gave her grape Crush...sigh....she is now smitten, I am sure;oP