Tuesday, June 14, 2011

crawling and sharing

Last Saturday, Gracie and I watched her friend Noah. Ok, she played, and I watched. I was able to capture some cute pics of her crawling across the floor and also of her learning to share:o)

What is this???

The starting line
I see something I want!!
almost there!!

and I made it!! (and I can climb toooo!!!)

A Story About Sharing

Noah thinking "I want those..." Grace is totally oblivious to this!

Hee hee...works EVERY time!!
And the sneak attack!!

WWWWWaaaait a second!!
Here, want one??
"Here Noah, you can have my monkey instead:o)" "Yay!"

Enjoying Friends!

Grace and I were able to spend some time with our friends, Linda and Xavier this past week, and we both really had a lot of fun!! Xavier is so gentle with and kind to Grace, playing with her:o)  She and I both love him and his mama and were thankful for the time with them!!
Blowing bubbles with Xavier

Then, for even more fun, Gracie, Daddy, and I joined them in Oley on Sunday for some yummy ice cream and animal feeding/petting!! Grace LOOVEED every minute and getting to see animals that we read about.  She even got gobbled at by turkeys!!

Eating ice cream....we ate it almost everyday during the summer while I was pregnant so this should not surprise us that she loves it!!

with Miss Linda

At the Oley Dairy petting zoo

Monday, June 6, 2011

10 months

Grace turned 10 months 2 weeks ago, and is getting so big!!  She accomplished some milestones since the 23rd:  crawling in a very entertaining way (with one leg out to the side, and occasionally on her hands and toes), figuring out how to sit up (which she LOVES to do in her crib, and in the middle of the night- except the poor dear does not know how to lay back down on her own very well!!), and she pulled herself up in the crib just this past Saturday.  The girl is moving and shaking these days! She loves to explore and especially loves to be outside!!

We went to Weaver's Orchard for strawberry picking and our girly did a great job talking to people and eating a couple of strawberries.
Waiting patiently for another strawberry
Pure happiness!!

After drinking some tart cherry juice

sleeping sweetly after a busy morning

snuggle bug with daddy- she is getting so cuddly!!

snd now with mommy
Well, that is it for now, as I attempt to navigate through Blogger's new picture upload.  So far we are not hitting it off, but we will see.  Thanks for checking in on us and our peanut!!