Tuesday, July 26, 2011

why children are a gift

I have a blog to post and hopefully soon, for Grace Elisabeth's 1st birthday. The delay is partly due to a malfunctioning computer (and having difficulties uploading), time (a 1 year old keeps me busy!!), and a torrent of emotions. Loving everday, but sad for the passing days that seem to go so quickly!! to quote my friend Keri,
"Time is such a squirmy, hard-to-hold thing. It's amazing how fast it disappears."
This is especially true in the "drudgery" of day to day life. I love this drudgery though.

Here is a better synopsis than I can give as to why:

I promise, birthday post, along with pics soon. Hopefully tomorrow or at the latest, Friday, since hubby will be home!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

1 year

(this is a couple weeks overdue- Gracie had her 1st birthday on July 23. We are currently the midst of toddlerhood!!!!)
Dear Gracie,

One year, 8 months, 1 week, and 3 days ago, this little $1 store tester completely changed my world. God decided to allow your daddy and I to start on this wonderful ride called parenthood. And what a wonderful ride it has been!!

One year ago today, at 9:08 am, God brought you into this world- crying loudly to make yourself known:o) I was awestruck then, and still am over the miracle you are. God made you! He created you in my womb, cared for you for 9 months, and has kept you safe, developed your personality, grown you from a helpless 8 lb 4 oz newborn to a 20 lb toddler.

Speaking of personality- you have sooo much!! Everyone who meets you talks about how happy and joyful you are. You are...it is so easy to make you smile and laugh. At 3 months, you would smile to "chhheeesssee." Now you always laugh so much when we sing songs, play "Itsy bitsy" or when you are on a mission to rearrange the house! You also have a great sense of humor, which causes you to laugh at things like other laughing babies.

You are also so sweetly compassionate. If mommy (or anyone) is sad (or pretends to be sad), you always give a hug and you love to give kisses to everyone. You'll even give hugs and kisses just for the asking!

You are so curious and inquisitive- you enjoy exploring and figuring out how things work. I love how you watch me and daddy doing things and then just start doing it too (like reading books, "Itsy Bitsy, and using a straw). You are such a smart girl!!!

Being your mommy has taught me so many things. First, I am not in control. Everyday has been an opportunity to ask our Lord for help...to realize that I don't have it together- but thankfully, He holds the world easily in his hands. Secondly, all my experience with babies did not teach me that you would come out with your own opinions already formed. My mind was set on so many things and as early as 1 week you showed me that you already had a mind. You have to have blankie....you had to be swaddled, but if we couldn't do it just right, you let us know. You only tolerated the pacifier (the one that I hated, btw!! LOL) until you found your thumb. Now, you only like good food- real, flavorful food, to scuttle crab- crawl, and to only play in a warm pool. You are so interesting my sweet girl!!!

This year has gone by so fast! It was only last week, or so it seems, that we brought you home 2 days after your birth. Only a couple of days ago that we first gave you baby cereal. Only yesterday that you sat up. But no, it has been over this ever brief year. Soon, you will be walking. You are already talking up a storm, anyday it will be with clear words. I am trying so hard to cherish these times, yet they slip away so quickly. My little baby...you are ONE!! I remember thinking the evening of the day after you were born, "In a year from now, she will be one already" and here we are:O)

Daddy and I pray often for you. We pray that your heart stays soft, no...grows even softer, and that one day, the gospel will penetrate your soul. We look forward to worshiping, praying, and hearing you read the words of God. Already, you lift your hands while we sing, patiently wait while we pray, and love when we read your Bible story to you at night. May you one day understand the Grace of God that prompted us in love to name you- for the undeserved favor God has given to us, through the gift of you, but most of all, from his death and resurrection on the cross- the payment of our sins and the transferring of His righteousness to us. We are reminded of this wonderful truth because of you!!

Daddy and I love you so much. We can not wait to see what the next year holds. I can not believe that in one little year you will already be two!!! I look forward to every day with you!


Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gueessss what??

Its finally here.....after 11 months and 2 weeks, our Gracie is FINALLY almost ready to chew on some salad! That's right, our little peanut has a little tooth in!!! I have attached a pic- the only shot I could get, sorry its not super clear. Plus, its a little tooth. Kind of a tip, really. It is the two little bumps on her lower gums, in the middle.

Friday, July 1, 2011

my favorite snoozle partner

Snoozling (also referred by some as "napping") is an art that many can not master. It involves settling back down quickly into bed, and while I am sure spouses can do it together, it is much more easily accomplished with babies. Unlike napping, snoozling involves some cuddles, some "awwwssss", a blankie, and a thumb (hers, not mine!). We set an alarm so we don;t sleep the morning away, because, like napping, one is prone to falling asleep.

I had set my alarm for just 25 minutes after I brought an awake (and hyper, I might add!!) Gracie into nurse. We then proceeded to snoozle and I confess, like usual, I did fall asleep for a few minutes with my arm around her. Gracie doesn't usually fall asleep, she usually just lies next to me talking to herself and pulling my hair and picking my nose. To my surprise, and enjoyment, she had zonked out soooo thoroughly, that she was actually snoring!!

So, here is a pick of my sleeping beauty!