Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Found the camera!!

I am such a dork...scatter-mommy-brain! The camera was in my coat pocket:o) So here are a few pics!

Gracie all bundled up for her first cold day..obviously, she is NOT happy about this.. just like her momma...hates shoes and coats!!
Reading "Moo, Baa, Lalala"

Hugging her teething baby.
I did NOT stage this..I just put it on her belly, and she started by grabbing it with one hand
and eventually just hugging it!! LOL

Every morning reveals a new adventure that Grace has been on in the middle of the night...this morning, she had inched her way back, pressed her head against the back slates, and intertwined her fingers in her lamby's fur. She has yet to do this during waking hours,but every morning she ends up in a new location in her crib!!!

Big blue-eyed girl:o)

no camera = no pics:o(

Well, I can;t find our camera....I think it is in the car somewhere, and unfortunately, I haven't uploaded any of the pics since Grace was 3 months and 1 week:o(

We are officially done with 0-3 month clothes, and even many "3 month" sizes! 6 months look the most comfy on her, although they are a little baggy around the belly....our peanut is still a little peanut:o)
No teeth yet..but we think anyday! For the past 3 days she has been so ncredibly cranky and chewing on everything!! No fussiness this morning, but won;t let me look in her mouth....but what I could tell, it is looking red in the lower left corner!
Grace is developing a bald spot on the back of her head....momma is looking forward to when her little girl stops having old man hair!! But! The top is starting to get very long (so its spikes up! LOL)
Grace is loving to dance around and hear songs! Favorites are ABC's, Jesus Loves me, and anything else momma decides to make up on the spot!

and finally! Grace has discovered her toys when she is on her back, or sitting she tends to do a crunch like motion as she grabs them. Youngest body building competitor? Her abs feel quite strong!!!

Well, I will leave you with one picture from a month it, Gracie is mesmerized by a rainforest soother she got from her friend Jayda (aka Baby Girl;oP)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

One of my favorite things about being Gracie's mommy...

When Grace wakes up from her naps, she is usually content to coo and look at her mobile, her hands, and even her toesies now.
But! If I push my luck too long, she gets upset (or occasionally wakes up this way because she has a big poopie!). One day, I went in, while she was having a crying fit, and this is what I found....a crying, unhappy baby.

But, after I reassuringly say, "Its ok hunny bunny, momma's here!!" I get this great big smile. ------------------------->

Granted, she looks a little bit deliriously happy, but its for her momma, which in my (very much biased opinion:o]P) is super cute and sweet!