Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1/3 of a year old and a first big holiday!

What has Grace's mommy learned in the past 4 months (which was last Tuesday, sorry!)

1) Blogging even short little blips seems impossible!
2) If I want to have a hot cup of coffee from beginning to end....I need to go out and have "mommy" time
3) Little girls (and boys too!!) just LOVE babies (and subsequently, their mommies!!)
4) Baby girls can make mommies (and daddies) so happy, beyond imagination- and also cause so much more anxiety than ever before (mostly for mommies, I think) if they don't keep their gaze upward.
5) A baby's laughter can make you laugh too- or bring you to tears....also, just when you think she couldn't get any cuter- there she goes again!!

Figuring out how to turn on the Rainforest soother with her feet!

With two of her favorite friends: Isaac and Abigail
(They always say, "she's so cute!" and Abbie likes to try to pick Grace up)

Bathing in Nana's sink!

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