Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diagnosis: Personality!

So, this is a two part post.

Sippy Cup!!
First, Grace is learning to use a sippy cup. She LOVES it!! In fact, I think she has learned object permanence because of her sippy. Here are a few pics with her first time or two using it. She does a great job! We got her a cup of her own, because she always wants our water bottles and ends up hurting her gums or getting soaked by a deluge of water.

6 month checkup!!

Also, on Jan 18th, we took Grace into the pediatricians office for a slightly early 6 month well visit (oh well, last time's was slightly late), and because she was having some symptoms I was worried about. The initial worry was because after breakfast on Monday, the 17th, she did not eat any more solids until an hour before her visit in the afternoon on Tuesday- which is strange for her. Then, when she finally DID eat, it was while Brian and I were chatting and not paying attention to her. When I would pay attention, Grace would clamp her mouth shut tight. She also was having some periods of just screaming for no apparent reason and then stopping, laughing for a while, and then starting up again. When I talked to the nurse, she suggested I bring Grace in because I mentioned she was pulling on one of her ears now and then. They thought she might have an ear infection. The Dr. looked her over, and stated, " She is in perfect health as far as I can see- I would attribute the lack of eating and screaming to simply this: personality."

OH my. :o)

Anyway, she got her first flu shot, her vaccinations, and her stats are:

Height: 26 1/2 inches (and we are now working our way into 6-9 month clothes, especially onesies/tops. Her legs are still on the shorter side)

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Head: 16 3/8"

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