Friday, July 1, 2011

my favorite snoozle partner

Snoozling (also referred by some as "napping") is an art that many can not master. It involves settling back down quickly into bed, and while I am sure spouses can do it together, it is much more easily accomplished with babies. Unlike napping, snoozling involves some cuddles, some "awwwssss", a blankie, and a thumb (hers, not mine!). We set an alarm so we don;t sleep the morning away, because, like napping, one is prone to falling asleep.

I had set my alarm for just 25 minutes after I brought an awake (and hyper, I might add!!) Gracie into nurse. We then proceeded to snoozle and I confess, like usual, I did fall asleep for a few minutes with my arm around her. Gracie doesn't usually fall asleep, she usually just lies next to me talking to herself and pulling my hair and picking my nose. To my surprise, and enjoyment, she had zonked out soooo thoroughly, that she was actually snoring!!

So, here is a pick of my sleeping beauty!

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