Friday, September 9, 2011

What if I did this to my baby???

I think she would object:o)

Note the almost disdained look on her baby:o) LOL.


Keri said...

Your little girl is too cute :)

Danielle said...

What a good mommy, what a good idea to make the baby stay put while mommy catches a little cat nap- I'll have to give it a try :)

Kelly@imperfect homemaking said... cute!

Kelly@imperfect homemaking said...

hi! I don't know if you know this or not,but when you leave a comment on my blog you don't leave your email address, so i can't respond...which kinda bums me out because i WANT to respond! I think you should change your blogger settings to show your email when you comment so that I can respond to all the wonderful things you have to say :) Thanks so much for being a loyal reader/commenter! :)

Lynn said...

Such sweet pictures. I guess just about anything can work as a pillow :)