Friday, July 16, 2010

Psalm 127:3A

"Behold, children are a gift of the Lord." (NASB)

This is the verse that came to our mind as we pondered our impending parenthood, shortly after seeing the "Yes" on the pregnancy test stick. Both Brian and I desired children and had talked it over prior to our marriage, but we also thought we wanted to wait. Not long, mind you, but until the new year- for financial reasons, slightly, but more so we could have "our time." I personally did not want to subject Brian to the hormonal roller coaster that would be inevitable with pregnancy, at least not until he got to know the "real me," for a while.

So, it did come as a mild, sort-of, surprise for us when we had a positive pregnancy test after a mere 6 weeks of being married. That certainly was sooner than we had planned!! But the Lord determines our lot...and ultimately it is good and right. I was worried that Brian might feel anxious or angry at the timing, but he very quickly reminded me that God plans our days and that He desired for this time for us. What a blessing my husband is:o) And so, the previous 9 months happened...we weathered being pregnant while learning to live with and love each other...Brian ended up seeing the "real me" after all- my sinfulness, my fears, my joys, etc., even while under hormonal attack (and I learned who he really was...) and we grew together as a couple, constantly reminding each other that God was for us and stronger than the one against us, and that in July, we would be holding our sweet little daughter.

Now, it is July, and we are just praying and waiting. Counting down the days till our "gift" is here- Little Baby G, we can not wait to hold you, kiss you, teach you, love you, and to experience you. We can not wait to see the person God knitted you as in my womb!!!!

As an update for all you other Baby G waiters, we do have a maximum "end in site." If she does not come by God's will by August 1, we will be induced at 8 am on August 2. However, I have been experiencing some contractions and am hopeful that she will arrive prior!! We will keep you updated!!

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Stephen's Family said...

Praying for you all (three) this week or until we hear the good news. Thank you for humbly's amazing how the Lord uses things to bring us closer to Himself and our spouses:)