Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy 1st Week Gracie!!!

Well, it has been one week since Gracie Elisabeth has entered our life and hearts:o) She has been such a delight! A rather easy baby...she is often content while awake and alert, sleeps very peacefully (except for one night when gas from mommy's spicy sausage dinner kept her awake!). She loves to cuddle with her mommy and daddy, stare contemplatively at the world around her, and poop. A lot. She poops very frequently!! LOL. The baby books say to expect her to poop a few times a day but possibly not for a day or two. Our champion goes 8-10 times per day! Yay!
Here is a quick summary of the past weeks events:
Monday, we went for a walk in the park. Grace slept the whole time, but mommy and daddy enjoyed it!!
Tuesday, we went on our first outing to the pediatrician, where Grace was announced in great health, having gained 7 ounces since her check-up at the hospital on Sunday.
Wednesday, Gracie smiled. Really!! She was in her little gymini thing gazing around, when her hand accidentally hit a dangling toy. Grace started, stared at the waving object intently, and accidentally hit the object again. I know she did not hit it intentionally, but after she did, and she saw that it was waving again, her eyes opened wide, her eyebrows went up, and a huge smile entered her face, where it stayed until she looked around and found the mirror that was hanging.
Thursday, Mommy was making a funny little noise and swooping her face close to Gracie, when Grace's eyebrows rose and she stuck her tongue out. It made me laugh so hard!! She did it over and over, whenever I made the noise:o)
Friday, ONE week birthday!! Had a cluster of feedings between 10 and 12:45 and then slept until 6:15 am!!! Mommy slept through the alarm to wake up at 4:15, and Gracie woke up on her own and hungry. Mommy felt so rested, and Grace did not seem any worse for wear waiting so long in between:o)

Finally, here are a few pics to share from the past week...I really enjoy photography and Grace has been an excellent subject:o)


upward & outward said...

What a beautiful little munchkin! She really is! I love the picture of Brian and Grace.

Anonymous said...

I finally clicked over to your blog, and I love it! I'm so glad that you and Brian are both able to enjoy these early days so much and that God has blessed you with a happy baby :)

Hope said...

Very precious!! Sound like the perfect first week!

allyson said...

congrats to you both! glad you are all doing well and enjoyed your first week together.