Friday, August 6, 2010

2 Weeks old and lots of changes already!

Well, Grace is 2 weeks old and this has been an adventurous week!!

Saturday- Uncle Steve and Aunt Laura came to visit with Eve. Laura and I laughed so much!! I think between having a 1 week old and a 3 1/2 month old, I think we were both overtired!! It was wonderful seeing my best friend...I can't believe we both have newborns!!
We also had to call Erlich to come out because we found a couple of yellow jackets in the living room. Turns out we had a nest in the corner outisde of where the living room is, AND a black wasp nest at the other end of the house, outside. Fortunately, they were only up in the attic.

Sunday- We went to church for the first time...Gracie looked so cute in her dress that Miss Tracie bought her and the hat that matched so well that Mrs Mioni made. She was quite darling:o) Our adventure started once we got home and found a total of 6 (I think- lost count) yellow jackets in our living room within 20 minutes. While I was nursing, I might add. We ended up crashing the Harvey's house...they graciously let us stay overnight, since Erlich couldn't come back out until Monday. Thank you Will, Rebecca, and Noah:o)

Monday- Relatively quiet. Some good stretches of sleep overnight. More alert times.

Tuesday- Gracie slept for 5 hours, woke for 1 1/2 hours and went back to sleep for another 5 hours!! Woah! I actually had about 45 minutes to myself while daddy and baby slept the next morning.

Wednesday- Had a great photo shoot with Mrs. Bonnie Kundrat. I will post the link to her website once she is done. She is a very talented woman who is venturing into photography, particularly with babies, and as a ministry to the families in church (and as a way to build up her portfolio), she takes pictures of newborns. When I saw the little preview, I coudln't help but cry at how sweet my little girl looked...and how she was able to capture it so beautifully!!!

Thursday- We visited Daddy's work, where everyone thought Gracie was so sweet. Then, we ate lunch at Seasons 52, which was fresh and yummy!! Then, we got free dessert, because the manager just had a baby too, and thought Gracie was so cute:o) A bit of a rough night, sleep wise. We listened to some messages on parenting a newborn as we were driving. VERY helpful! Thanks Marty M.:O)

Friday- 2 week well visit! Grace weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz., and is now 21 inches in length. Dr. Jeff said she looks great!! He said since she was growing and eating so well, and my milk has been coming in so well, that we could try a bottle. Brian got to feed her for the first time. They both did a great job!!!! Mommy was a little sad.

Overall, this has been a week of changes. Grace has been trying and holding her head up for longer and longer. She tries very hard, sometimes to roll onto her back when she is having tummy time, and she can roll to her side from her back. We are trying to get into a routine now...and trying to let her go to sleep on her own, even if it means she cries for a little while. Mostly I am ok with her tragic cries, but every now and then (particularly like RIGHT now, as I type and she tries to get to sleep), it makes my heart so sad. But she is tired, and it is not helpful for her for us to make her dependent on us to get to sleep. She always falls asleep within 10 minutes, which is great!! I had a moment tonight when I realized, my baby is only two weeks old, but already time is flying by so quickly!!

I feel like I have healed up...been walking faster and longer with Bri in the park, and being able to lift more and more. Hormones make me get emotional very quickly!!

Well, here are some more pics from the past week!

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