Thursday, November 11, 2010

One of my favorite things about being Gracie's mommy...

When Grace wakes up from her naps, she is usually content to coo and look at her mobile, her hands, and even her toesies now.
But! If I push my luck too long, she gets upset (or occasionally wakes up this way because she has a big poopie!). One day, I went in, while she was having a crying fit, and this is what I found....a crying, unhappy baby.

But, after I reassuringly say, "Its ok hunny bunny, momma's here!!" I get this great big smile. ------------------------->

Granted, she looks a little bit deliriously happy, but its for her momma, which in my (very much biased opinion:o]P) is super cute and sweet!

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Anonymous said...

I know, best thing ever.