Thursday, March 24, 2011


Grace has been experiencing her first rounds of sickness.  She had a stomach virus, along with daddy last month, and then for the past two weeks has been dealing with a cold.  She also got an ear infection. We have figured out a few things:

1) Grace does not like to get her nose aspirated or wiped.
2) She DOES like sucking on any mucus that comes pouring out at a moments notice (usually after sneezing and surprisingly, while nursing)
3) She is finally starting to tolerate nasal sprays...she holds her nose upward and crosses her eyes..very cute.

No camera, btw (so all the pics are about 2-3 weeks old, sorry!!).  Left it in Williamsport on Monday while we were there for a funeral.  Gracie's great-grandfather died. He really was great:o( wish she was older to get to know him!  Thankfully, she will get to be reminded on him every year at the train expo started and now named for him.

Here is a cute pic that is for him, and those that loved him (maybe she will grow up to love trains too!!)

One last adventure that Gracie experienced at her young age.

We were grocery shopping together on Thursday, went out to the car to put the groceries away and go pick up daddy, when mommy noticed 2 little spiders by the door handle.  stepping back to swing her leg up to crush them, mommy realized that the car was covered in spiders.  A million baby spiders. Yucko! But, God gave mommy the grace to not panic in front of Grace, who did very well waiting for daddy to come to the rescue.

Look for pics soon- Brian is going to help me upload pics and delete from the camera card that has all of her newborn pics so I can take new ones.

Thanks for checking in:o)

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