Tuesday, June 14, 2011

crawling and sharing

Last Saturday, Gracie and I watched her friend Noah. Ok, she played, and I watched. I was able to capture some cute pics of her crawling across the floor and also of her learning to share:o)

What is this???

The starting line
I see something I want!!
almost there!!

and I made it!! (and I can climb toooo!!!)

A Story About Sharing

Noah thinking "I want those..." Grace is totally oblivious to this!

Hee hee...works EVERY time!!
And the sneak attack!!

WWWWWaaaait a second!!
Here, want one??
"Here Noah, you can have my monkey instead:o)" "Yay!"

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Danielle said...

Oh I am really liking all your new posts, Amy! Grace is so sweet. Luke loved his play date with Gracie the other week, and as usual I forgot to get a picture, so next time! I will remember.