Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Fun

We had a very fun weekend...we picked strawberries with our dear friends, the Harveys, and made strawberry jam (we have not yet let Grace help us make it...maybe next year....). This was our second weekend and we picked 22 lbs. Gracie did well both days that we had gone, although she really like to eat the berries more than pick them. I love when she screams "I NEED MORE STRAWBERRIES!!"

 We celebrated Memorial Day at a little shindig down the street from us at our friend and neighbors, the Cares. We crash so many of their parties:o)  Grace is constantly remembering people and their names. Of the Care's, she is especially good at remembering Jona, Wally, and "Party" (Artie..LOL!!). She really loves to hang out with them. We all had a blast. and Gracie really liked the the frozon watermelon and the grilled chix.  She also dressed in the pretty patriotic dress that Nana and Pappy bought her for Easter.


Later, we decided to fill our pool (which took a little Jimmy-rigging since we lost the air valve stoppers last year:o/), and Grace refused to sit in the cold water, but enjoyed playing with her measuring cup and pouring water on daddy, who was not playing much since it was so cold!

Hope you all have a great memorial day and remember those who serve and have served our country. is a fun pic I took of Grace. The one on the right is the original, and the one on the left is after playing around with Windows Live Photo Viewer...doesn't it look a really old picture of a great great grandma or something (minus all the plastic in the background, of course!! Hehe)


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