Sunday, June 10, 2012

Future job....? P.s. A post for the mamas only!!

Grace has been spending her sleeping time in our room for the past couple of days. Its been going well, except that due to the limited space in our bedroom, her pack 'n play is nestled in a corner that needs to be up close to our desk and bookcase (and subsequently, pens, pins, etc.) OR my dresser (which has jewelry, hair product, makeup, etc, not to mention clothing.) Well, we opted for the dresser, and just stacked everything to one side so that the otherwise bare side could hold her books and a toy for the morning. 

I had heard her in there, talking for longer than usual, but I was on the phone and couldn't tell her to lay down and go to sleep. Once my phone call was completed, I snuck in to check on her.....turned out she was doing more than talking to herself.....

What you are looking at is 2 pair of my underwear and one of my bras tangled up around her body (she puts them on around her neck, particularly when I am doing laundry).  Anyway, this is what you can see. What I actually found when I took everything off was 2 bras and 4 pairs of my prettiest underwear (*at least she has good taste for pretty things!!), along with a 3rd bra and all of her books. Oh, and a hanger.  Maybe she has a future at Vanity Fair? We hope not, but it makes for good laughter now!!

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