Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday Post (um..a bit belated)

This is so long overdue.  But here are some picture recaps of Grace's birthday.  We (um, me, mostly) like birthdays, and we, as a family have pretty much been doing little mini celebrations over a week or two).   Below, we have Brian's family's celebration from July 15th, her actual birthday where we took her and her good friend, Luke (you might remember him from here) to Zoo America in Hershey, and then her birthday party with my family in Williamsport.  I also enclosed a pic with her and my dad, "Grumps," whom we saw saw after the party. Enjoy!! (P.s. I have at least two more posts coming with lots more pics, including our vacation to Assetegue Island). I also have a letter I started, with updates...not posting yet (very sad, btw...too many people telling me she is such a big girl!!!)

with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Fred, and opening a card at the Maddy's house (blogger wouldn't let me separate the pics)

A cupcake!!!!

so excited...look at her tongue sticking out!! LOL.

birthday princess, the day before, ready to go to church

Proof (sort of) that he talks. A LOT. He sang the whole way to Hershey Zoo!!
Luke and Grace holding hands;OP

with Daddy

Looking at a Alligators with Mr. Brian
Petting a lizard.

Best part of the trip.....the bear zone , with a fish area
They stood here, laughing and watching for sooo long!!!

Master candle blower!!!
another cupcake!! YAY!!
the cute super hero at the Maddy party
the Maddy birthday crew...such a blessing to spend time with friends and celebrate with them!!

re-meeting cousin Elizabeth for the first time since they were about 6 months old (caught on camera Grace pushing her...a common theme at the birthday party.....:o/)
doing better now that she has food...

pic 1 of getting money for excited, sadly
tired out at the end of a fun party
Great Grammy and Pappy
pic for Birthday, how fun!!
Grumps....gave her grape Crush...sigh....she is now smitten, I am sure;oP

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Danielle said...

Yay for birthday pictures. Luke had such a nice time, and I am glad for good friends for all of us. We all love you guys :)